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We are professionals in international business. We help companies import & export goods to/from Japan. We recently became authorized exporter for the popular synthetic rubber cutting boards from Parker Asahi corporation of Japan.

Our focused markets are kitchen accessories and floor covering tools. We currently handle:

For Kitchen accessories:

  • Synthetic rubber cutting boards.

  • Single use high quality bamboo chopsticks.

  • Seki-Kiwami knives from Seki city Japan.

For floor covering tools:

  • Floor removal machines.

  • Vinyl flooring groovers.

  • Linoleum cutters.

  • Portable hot air welders (does not require electricity)

We do business with companies from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore.

Synthetic Rubber Cutting boards from Parker Asahi corporation

Available in both professional and consumer use.

Multiple colors (Blue, Green, Pink and Cream) are also available.

Catalogues are available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. Please download directly from Parker Asahi's web page:

Japanese catalogue English Catalogue Chinese Catalogue Korean Catalogue

H&K LLC is an authorized exporter for Parker Asahi corporation from Japan. Please contact us for details.

Floor covering tools

Vinyl Flooring Groovers

This handy tool revolutionalized the way grooves are cut in vinyl floors for joints. Light weight and compact size.

Gaswell “W”

This is a portable hot air torch that does not require electricity. Nozzle and mechanism are customized for application suitable with waterproof treatment.

Portable Hot Air Welder

This is a portable hot air torch that does not require electricity. Nozzle tip (included) is interchangeable with standard Leister hot air welders.

H&K LLC distributes these companies' products in Japan. Please contact us for details.

About us


Although we are a small company, our minimum overhead cost works as an advantage over larger companies. We are quick to respond, and we work with you to provide international trading solutions.


  • 1990 January: Banzai International Trading Corporation was established in Toronto, Canada by Hiroshi Tsujio.

  • 2001 February: Banzai Trading Inc. was established by Hiroshi Tsujio in the US in order to support expanded business with US companies.

  • 2006 July: World Floor Covering Association hosted Japan vs. US Installation Competition in Anaheim, California. This article featured in FCI (Floor Covering Installers) magazine summarizes the competition.

  • 2013 February: Hiroshi Tsujio moved back to Japan and continued the same business under H&K LLC.

    • Continued to import goods from the US as described above.

    • Starting to export floor installation tools to Janser (Germany), Kevmor (Australia), and Taylor Tools (US)

  • 2019 October: H&K LLC officially registered as corporation in Japan with initial capital of JPY2,000,000

  • 2020 March: Rocky Tsujio (son of Hiroshi Tsujio) joined H&K LLC business as a CEO to further business expansion.

  • 2020 August: H&K LLC became an authorized exporter for Parker Asahi Corporation. Parker Asahi is well known for their synthetic rubber cutting boards.

  • 2021 April: Eriko Shimada joined H&K LLC to assist increased export & import business. Eriko has experience with many years of international trading business.

  • 2021 April: Starting to export floor groover to QEP Australia PTY LTD through affiliate company BLUE FEELD co., Ltd.

  • 2021 June 15th: H&K LLC became Janser's sole distributor for the Japan market.

  • 2021 July: To further support business expansion of H&K LLC, Taka Noda joined as Technical & Customer Service Manager. Previous to joining H&K LLC, Taka Noda has worked for TOSHO for 10 years and gained manufacturing skills.

  • 2021 July: Capital increased to JPY10,000,000

  • 2022 April: To further enhance export & import business, Anna Ito joined H&K LLC. Anna used to work with Eriko Shimada many years and she has good experience in export & import admin work.

CEO: Rocky TsujioRocky's BIO on LinkedIn
Technical & Customer Service Mgr: Taka Noda
Administrator (Export/Import): Eriko Shimada
Administrator (Export/Import): Anna Ito
Chairman: Hiroshi Tsujio