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For more than 30 years we have connected the world with Japan.


Connecting the World with Japan

At H&K, our mission is to connect businesses in Japan around the world with the best products and resources. We are committed to providing outstanding import and export services that meet the unique needs of our clients, while fostering long-term relationships built on trust, transparency, and mutual success. We constantly strive to deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that enable businesses to maximize their potential. We believe that by providing exceptional value and innovation, we can help businesses thrive and create a better future for all.



Exceeding expectations through our values

Customer Satisfaction

When we say β€œLeave it to us”, we mean it. Our top priority is taking care of all the hard work for you and enabling you to trade with confidence. We strive to deliver excellent service and high-quality products that exceed expectations.


Innovation is essential in everything we do - in our products and in our work. Our mission is to find and uncover true gems of ingenuity and share them with the world. Our team is constantly exploring new ideas and solutions to meet changing customer needs and market demands.


As an international trading company, we are more aware than ever that we are just a small piece of the puzzle. We endeavor to always be a responsible corporate citizen by contributing to the community, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable business practices.


A legacy of Excellence

  • 1990 January : Banzai International Trading Co. is established in Toronto, Canada by Hiroshi Tsujio - exporting tools from Roberts Consolidated Industries. to Japan.

  • 2001 February : Hiroshi Tsujio establishes Banzai Trading Inc. to support businesses in the US. Begins exporting tools to Japan from Gundlach, Crain, Taylor, Terazzo, and Abatement Technologies.

  • 2006 July : Together with the World Floor Covering Association, Hiroshi Tsujio helps organize a Japan vs. US Floor Covering Installation Competition in Anaheim, California.

  • 2013 February : Hiroshi Tsujio moves back to Japan and continues the same business under a new name: H&K LLC. Begins exporting floor installation tools to Janser (Germany), Kevmor (Australia), and Taylor Tools (US)

  • 2019 October : H&K LLC officially registers as a corporation in Japan with an initial capital of JPY 2,000,000.

  • 2020 March : Rocky Tsujio (son of Hiroshi Tsujio) joins H&K as CEO to further business expansion

  • 2020 August : H&K LLC becomes an authorized exporter for Parker Asahi Corporation, well known for their synthetic rubber cutting boards.

  • 2021 April : H&K begins exporting floor groovers to QEP (Australia) through affiliate company BLUE FEELD co., Ltd.Β 

  • 2021 June 15th : H&K becomes Janser's sole distributor on the Japanese market.

  • 2021 July : H&K’s capital increases to JPY 10,000,000



Rocky Tsujio


Rocky brings over three decades of IT experience to his current role as the leader of H&K LLC. Throughout his career, he has held positions with globally renowned companies in Canada, the United States, and Japan. In 2020, Rocky took the helm of his family's business, with the aim of elevating its operations to new heights. His international background has helped keep H&K competitive in an increasingly challenging global market.

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Taka Noda

Technical & Customer Service Mgr

Taka assumed the role of Technical & Customer Service Manager at H&K LLC in July of 2021. With prior experience in the construction industry and hands-on involvement at job sites, Taka brings a unique perspective to the company. In addition, Taka possesses a deep understanding of machine components, which has proven to be a valuable asset in enhancing H&K's hand tool business.


Eriko Shimada

Administrator (Export/Import)

Eriko is an Export/Import Administrator at H&K LLC, having joined the company in April of 2021. Eriko's previous experience at a large trading company has provided her with a wealth of knowledge regarding forwarders, courier companies, and other shipping entities. Her expertise in the international trading process has proven to be invaluable in her current role at H&K LLC.


Anna Ito

Administrator (Export/Import)

Anna joined H&K LLC as an Import/Export Administrator in April of 2022, having previously worked for a large trading company. With a comparable skill set to that of her colleague Eriko, Anna's expertise in logistics and shipping has been an indispensable resource to the team. The presence of both Eriko and Anna on the team has created a balanced workload and a strengthened capacity for managing the international trading process.


Hiroshi Tsujio


Born in 1931, Hiroshi holds a degree in International Commerce and Trade from Aoyama University. After working his way up the ranks at a Tokyo trading firm, Hiroshi became a branch manager at Roberts Japan and helped grow the brand into one of the most well-known names in the flooring business. In 1990, he founded Banzai International, which later evolved into H&K LLC, the name derived from initials of Hiroshi and his wife, Kazuko. In 2020, he handed the company over to his eldest son, Rocky and today serves as Chairman.

Company Info

  • Company Name : H&K LLC

  • Founded : 1990 in Toronto as Banzai International and changed name to H&K LLC in 2013

  • Capital : JPY 10,000,000

  • Address : 5F Daiwa Azabu Terrace, 3-20-1 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047 Japan

  • TEL : +81-3-6859-8501

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